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Greencup Challenge

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Menstruation is no longer a taboo subject... People began to talk about menstruation on a personal and social level. We began to learn more about the menstrual cycle, as there are numerous sources of information available to us in this digital age. How many of us, however, are still aware of the menstrual cup? Many of us may only be aware of menstrual myths. We need to move on. A menstrual cup is the safest and best product a woman can use without incurring any adverse side effects. It is indeed environmentally benign. We, team Expectation Walkers, have decided to hold a menstrual cup challenge in order to negate myths and taboos and to aware people about the waste management. Join us in dispelling myths and leading by example. Allow her to blossom free of stress and discomfort. Make her say yes to tension-free periods!

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